Friday, July 23, 2010

30 second update

My friend Lucky Girl and I were emailing this morning, and I mentioned that I had fallen way behind on the blog -- she reminded me, you're still a Kissing Bandit. :)

The quick update is that, since that weekend three weeks ago, I haven't kissed any other guys besides Jon Hamm. We're still taking things slowly -- this is largely my doing, as I've been going out of town a lot, enjoying fun summer destinations.

Without making a big deal of it, one night last week I organized a bar night out and invited not only my close friends, but also Jon. Lucky Girl wrote this to me the next day:
I REALLY like Jon Hamm. He's got great eyes and a warm smile. He seems smart and has a good sense of humor and is engaging and seems crazy about you. At first impression he appears to be a really good guy. I'm glad you're feeling positive abut him again. He might be a keeper :-)

He IS an amazing guy -- but there's still something that's giving me pause. I can't really go into it now -- maybe at some point down the road. He's not a convicted felon, or a Republican, or anything like that.

Right now, I'm just taking things slowly, and trying to be patient. More to come!


Something She Dated said...

Thank god he's not a republican :P

Anonymous said...

Well, that's an ambiguous statement. "Amazing".....but.
I await word of how this unspools.


Tiia Jones said...

BFF's opinions are the best. They always know more about us than we know about ourselves. I love the part about him not being a republican. That would be worse than being a bad kisser!

healy said...

it chuckles me really. . .