Thursday, September 23, 2010

The boyfriend.

Apologies for being MIA for so long. Work is hella-busy, AND I've started taking a language class twice a week after work -- it feels like one of those semesters in college where I took on an absurdly heavy courseload. (is that what it's called? I seem to have forgotten college lingo -- it's been a long time!)

I'm happy to report that things are REALLY good with Jon Hamm. I wrote early on that he simply felt like he "fits", and that's still the case... and more. It just feels so easy, that I have to remind myself that this is quite a rare thing for me, and shouldn't be taken for granted. It just seems to be happening so... naturally.

In past relationships, I've often found myself anxious, wondering and waiting when I can refer to the guy as my "boyfriend". With Jon, I didn't worry - I just felt that it would come in time.

A few weeks ago, we revealed that neither of us was dating anyone else -- I'd already sensed that that was the case, since we typically spend 2 - 3 nights a week together -- but it still felt nice to hear him acknowledge that.

Then -- just last weekend -- the BF / GF talk came up unexpectedly. Here's how it went down: earlier in the week, he was at my place when I got an invitation to an upcoming family event. He hinted that he could come along as my date -- I said I'd have to see if I could bring a guest.

A few days later, we were away for the weekend, surrounded by fun people, and feeling warm and fuzzy from the martinis we'd just started drinking. I suddenly remembered: I had talked to my mom that day, and she said I could indeed bring a guest to this event.

Jon asked something along the lines of, "how will you introduce me at this event?". We'd already joked in the past that he was my gentleman caller, and said as much. He said, "Or -- you could just call me your boyfriend.". I said, "well, in that case, would you like to call me your girlfriend?". He said he would.

It was an incredibly sweet, giddy-making moment, and we stepped outside to have a moment alone. We hugged and kissed and I was touched at how happy he seemed to arrive at this point in our relationship. We later had fabulous sex on the beach and went skinny-dipping, but let's gloss over those details, shall we?

Overall, all good. Very, very good indeed. I feel truly lucky to have met him. I'm a bit bummed that I'm going to be out of town for work for most of October, but I feel like we'll be just fine, regardless.

PS Last time, I wrote that I was getting serious about losing weight. Yeah... that hasn't happened yet. I'll work on getting back in that mindset. Soon. Meh.