Sunday, October 17, 2010


Just a quickie -- I'm working from home today, when I'd much rather be out enjoying this unseasonably beautiful day -- it's currently 67F and sunny!

Mainly here to announce that I think it's time for a hiatus from Loverville for a while. I'm hella-busy with work (about to go on a business trip tomorrow for two weeks) -- but also happy to announce that things are still lovely and easy and fun with Jon Hamm.

Next week will mark five months that we're together. He's going to meet some of my family at a bar mizvah in a few weeks... and I might join his family for Thanksgiving.

Sure, it's not perfect, but what is? Occasionally, I find myself wondering if it's *too* easy -- I've had a smattering of boyfriends in the past who posed more of a challenge. Often, in life, we tend to value the things we've had to fight for.

I've been trying to get out of this mindset. A relationship *shouldn't* be that much work. You shouldn't be kept wondering if this person cares about you.

Jon Hamm continues to tell me I'm gorgeous and amazing, and when I'm out of town, he's clear about the fact that he misses me. This is all good -- I feel the same about him. I last saw him an hour ago, and I'm already excited to see him again tonight -- though a little bittersweet, as this is our last night together for almost two weeks.

I might pop by here for occasional updates, and the odd milestone here and there -- but for now, I'll simply have to say: see you soon. Thanks for reading, and for continuously offering words of advice and support!


Anonymous said...

The best possible outcome for a dating blog -- it's end!

When posting gets sporadic and boring, that's a good sign. Happy couples make for lousy blogs.

And your relationship is not "too" easy. It ought to be easy. The bad relationships are the ones with conflict and drama. The moment I met my husband-to-be, it was 100% effortless. We were engaged after three months and married after seven. Not just easy, but quick, too!

Where are those boyfriends you had to "fight" for? Nowhere in sight. Jon Hamm is a real guy who is present for the real you. Congratulations!


Arlene said...

Well, thats both happy and sad :-)
Funny though, I am just going to press publish on a post with your blog featured in it ... Life is funny some times.

Lost said...

While I am going to miss reading your posts, I totally get it.

It's awesome to find that place that feels right to take a break. I find I've been doing somewhat the same in my blog writing.

I've always so much enjoyed your posts! Someone else to identify with and laugh at life with. Best of luck and I'll be sure to still check in!

Ruby said...

Yes, just as the others said, I'm happy to see this but will miss your posts! I wish you much happiness throughout the end of the year and into 2011. Please stay in touch!


London-Lass said...

Just wanted to say good luck and v. glad things have worked out. Sounds like you've got a good one there :)

Catherine said...

Hope everything is continuing to go well for you :). Can't wait to hear more...

Male Enhancement said...

So good to know that you have already been to hiatus and I know that you are happy now that you have someone this season to share the happiness. Best wishes to you both and happy holidays! Hope to read some blogs again from you soon.