Monday, February 28, 2011

Jacques, encore

In the days after the first date with Jacques, we exchanged a few short emails about the plan for the next date. He asked if I’d like to go to a burlesque show. Sure – I’m game to try anything once -- and I appreciated his creativity in planning.

Friday night rolled around – it had been a busy week at work, and I’d been out with friends every single night – by that time, my ideal evening would have involved lounging in front of the TV, catching up on Jersey Shore. But there was no way I’d consider canceling on Jacques on such short notice, so I put on a cute outfit and some red lipstick and headed out.

It turned into a fabulous night – one of those classic THIS-IS-WHY-I-LOVE-NEW-YORK nights. The burlesque show was fun and sexy – I loved that most of the women were on the curvy side. When I mentioned this to Jacques, he said that was typical in traditional burlesque… and that he happened to prefer women who weren’t rail-thin. Score one for me! (though I really, really am planning to lose at least 15 lbs in the near future… more on that another time).

After the show, we hopped in a taxi and went to the restaurant where he’d made a reservation. (He had asked earlier in the week if I liked this particular spot). The little voice inside my head was whoo-hoo-ing with excitement that he’d planned this – he thought of something, and took action. [note: Jon Hamm almost never took initiative like this...]

Great dinner, sexily rustic atmosphere, fabulous wine. It was about midnight when we finished, and I contemplated going home. In lieu of dessert, we decided to hit another bar for one last cocktail. En route to the intended cocktail lounge, we passed a bar with a dance floor that played all 80s music – we just HAD to go in. I hadn’t been to this bar in over ten years, and had fond memories there.

We danced up a storm. I didn’t care that I was becoming a sweaty mess – this was just way too much fun. After an hour or so of this, we found our faces coming closer together, and finally had a very sexy first kiss. This led to lots more snogging, shamelessly standing in the middle of the dance floor … til the music stopped, and we realized we were the last customers in the place, as the bar was closing.

More smooching out on the sidewalk, til Jacques escorted me home in a taxi. A bit more kissing outside my building, til I said I had to call it a night. He did not ask to come in, and I liked him all the more for that.

He texted me the next day, saying he’d had a great time, and hoped we could see each other again before I go out of town for work later this week. A few texts back and forth, increasingly becoming more and more flirty, and plans were put in place.

It’s really refreshing – a year ago at this time, when I was aching for a serious relationship and saw every potential new guy through those kind of tinted glasses, I might have viewed Jacques in that light. Now? Right now, I really just want to have fun, with a fun guy. Or guys, plural. Haven’t sussed out any other potential candidates just yet. In time. Or not.

Work trip coming up this week to an exciting, warm-weather spot… so dating (and related stories) will have to be put on hold til the end of next week. Do stand by!


Simmarah said...

Woo hoo!! Do it up girlfriend! Sounds like you had a blast, and I'm excited to hear more of Jacques and his creative plannings!

Anonymous said...

Okay well as I sit here at my desk working away, and contemplate my quiet 'mature' weekend, a dinner party with friends in their 70s, boy oh boy I sure do get a vicarious thrill out of your post.
Keep on living it up for me....
- Mimi

Anonymous said...

This date sounds amazing!! So much fun. I can't wait to hear more!

Anonymous said...

Well, LV, I am sorry you're back but I'm glad you're back, if you know what I mean.


Pretty Young Thing said...

Just found your blog & it looks like I had excellent timing too as you seem to be coming back from a little relationship hiatus!

Welcome back!

I read through a few of your last few posts and really enjoy your style.

These dates with Jacques sound fabulous...can't wait to read more!!