Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Awakening!

After I last wrote, I had another date with Jacques (our third) -- lots more fun and laughs, this time the conversation got quite sexy. Let's just say, I get the impression that he's in touch with his sexuality, and knows how to please a woman. Oh my.

This was two weeks ago, and looking back now, I find myself wondering, HOW is it that we didn't wind up back at my place or his??! Ah yes, now I remember -- I was about to leave on my trip, then HE was going to be out of town, so I didn't want to jump in the sack just before we'd have this two-week gap of not seeing each other. Before the night was over, we had our next date set, for the night after he returned to NY. I found myself very much looking forward to the sexytime. (still a few days away, as of this writing)

As is typical in relationships that are going downhill, towards the end of my time with Jon Hamm, I found myself completely uninterested in sex. To say that I'm experiencing a fabulous Spring Awakening right now is an understatement.

Which might explain the events of this weekend...

While I was out of town, Let's-Call-Him-Austin-Powers (International Man of Mystery) wrote to me. I'm a sucker for an interesting, well-traveled guy, and he certainly fit the bill. After a few emails, a date was in place for Friday, the night after my return.

We had a blast. He was fun, there was chemistry, and we simply hit it off. After the second cocktail in a dark, sultry lounge he told me that he really wanted to kiss me, but wasn't sure he could in public like that. I said, "why not?", which led to hours of kissing in the bar, on the street, in a restaurant. He suggested getting pizza and wine and going back to my place, but I told him, no way - not on a first date.

As we said goodbye (on my corner), he said that he'd love to cook dinner for me -- the next night. He was going to be heading out of town during the week, and really wanted to see me again before then. I told him I had tentative plans, and I'd let him know in the morning... but that if I DID come to his place, that I wanted to take things slowly, and he shouldn't take that as an assumption that we'd be sleeping together. He agreed.

He later texted me that he'd had a wonderful time, and that he had no expectations -- he just wanted to see me, and be able to kiss me without worrying about having other people around.

It turned out -- I was free to see Austin that night, and texted him the next morning. (I couldn't remember if I'd planned a date with someone else for Saturday or Sunday, and it turned out to be Sunday -- more on that shortly).

I'm certainly not a snob, but it's always nice to show up at a guy's place and discover that he has a proper adult apartment -- not one that looks like that of a frat boy. Austin's was lovely -- well-decorated and super-clean. Yes, these things count.

We quickly started on cocktails, and it was one of those one-thing-led-to-another moments -- next thing I knew, my too-tight skirt was on the floor, and we were in his bedroom with a gorgeous downtown view. (***funny story about the skirt coming up!)

When we finally came up for air, he finished cooking dinner for us -- fabulous. I spent the night, and there was more sexytime this morning. He offered to make me breakfast, but I had plans with friends, and had to get going -- as he walked me to the subway, I realized I wasn't quite "feeling the love" -- there wasn't the same urgency to see me again that there had been two nights prior -- we talked about getting together soon, and kissed goodbye.

Tonight: the aforementioned Sunday date with a new guy -- let's call him Vanilla. I guess I'm a bit rusty after having been out of the dating loop for 8 months, but I got a harsh reminder: if someone SEEMS uninteresting by email / phone, trust your gut -- chances are, he'll be like that in person. And he was. And I'd broken one of my other rules: don't meet for dinner on a first date. I couldn't wait for it to be over. He wasn't just boring, he interrupted me constantly. Fail!

*** Funny skirt story from last night: I went "shopping" in my closet for my date with Austin, and was excited to re-discover a hot pencil skirt I'd only worn maybe once, a while ago. Seems I've gained a pound or two since then, and the skirt was on the tight side, but I could still zip it up. It was a mild night, and I decided to wear the skirt with boots, no stockings -- and realized, as I dashed for the subway, that my thighs were rubbing together so much, they were chafing. Ouch! I must have been quite a sight, dashing for the subway, trying to straddle some imaginary horse to keep my thighs separated from each other.

Maybe that's why I got naked with him so quickly -- I just needed to get out of that damn skirt!


Anonymous said...

As always, Loverville, you are not just where the action is; you _are_ the action. I hope things go well w. J; eager to hear about that date. xx Mimi

Anonymous said...

i don't think that guy you slept with is going to call you again. Just a hunch. You slept with him too quickly, not a challenge.

Loverville said...

Thanks, Mimi!

Anon: well, he called me today, and asked when we could get together again... so, glad to prove you wrong there.

Anonymous said...

he just wants more sex...hellloo??!!!

Loverville said...

Whatever happens or doesn't happen with him -- I'm fine either way.

At the moment, I'm simply can't stop reading about the devastation in Japan... any problems I have are miniscule by comparison.

Dating Trooper said...

Maybe I shouldn't have read this because it made me want to be single and dating again! But then I remember that my dating life was NEVER as exciting as yours. Whatever it is you've got going on, throw a little my way WHEN we meet, OK?
(By the way, I'm feeling a lot better than I was in my last blog post. Thanks for the kind words.)

Anonymous said...

LV, here is a spelling lesson.
It is minUscule, not minIscule.
Like MINUS, not like MINI.