Sunday, March 27, 2011

Going away, again.

I've mentioned here before -- I feel lucky that I travel to interesting places for work (even if it's most certainly NOT a vacation). However, there have been a few times when I felt that my work life was thwarting my dating life. More than once, I'd meet a seemingly great guy, only to have to go out of town, and said guy would have disappeared by the time I came home. (yeah, I know, if it was meant to be, he wouldn't have disappeared, and so on).

It's been a month and a half since Jon Hamm and I broke up, and my plan was just to go out and have as much fun as possible. Which I've been doing, very successfully. However... after four dates with Austin Powers, I'm starting to get that tingle of actually liking someone.

And it's making me nervous.

Nervous, because we're about to go through a three-week stint of not being able to see each other -- I'm going away for the first half of April, and as sucky luck would have it, he heads out of town the day I get back, for a week. Sigh.

I've been having a lot of fun with him -- he's smart, funny, thoughtful -- and the chemistry is fabulous. Even before our last date, as we were making plans by phone, he wanted to know what my next week looked like, so we could be sure to get together one last time before I leave town.

So -- we'll see. He thoughtfully planned our last few dates, so I've come up with a fun evening for our next date, later this week. (and -- it'll be his first time seeing my apartment -- major cleanup time).

Then there's Jacques. After he returned from his latest out-of-town trip, we got together this past weekend. Before going out, I gave myself a pep talk - NO sex with him tonight. Do NOT go back to his place, and don't let him come to mine. I'd simply tell him that on the previous date, things had moved too quickly.

I even made sure to wear un-sexy underwear as a reminder to myself.

As always, we had a really good time. We ate wonderful food (how is it that Spanish tapas can be so sexy??), drank fabulous wine, talked to the other people around us in the restaurant. He told me that he was still rather banged up from the ski trip from which he'd just returned, but he was fine to go dancing as planned. We kissed in the taxi en route, and I felt my resolve of a chaste evening begin to dissipate.

However, when we got to the club, he was too achy to dance. After a short while, he said he should call it a night, and needed to go home and ice his aching hip. We shared a taxi, kissed goodnight, and that was that. As I went home alone, I was happy that although I probably would have caved and gone home with him, HE was the one who suggested that we not spend the night together!

I'm having fun with Jacques, but definitely don't feel that same pre-date excitement that I have with Austin. Naturally, it's too soon to tell where this will go, but I can honestly say that I'm very happy with the NOW right now.

Possible distraction this week: dinner at a trendy new place with a 29-year-old who is well-connected in the restaurant industry. Or not. It's been a few days since I've heard from him, so... win-win either way: if I see him, then fabulous dinner with a cute guy. If I don't, then I'll eat something more fitting with my diet. And maybe I'll even work on my taxes and clean my apartment.

Oh! I almost forgot to add: I had a second date with a guy this week -- Mr Cool -- our first date was back in October 2009.

After that really great first date, he went to work in Brazil for nearly a year. I recently saw on Facebook that he was back in NY, and suggested we meet for a drink.

We did. And that spark that was so apparent on our first date? No sign of it this time, for either of us. Nice guy, but I just couldn't remember what the appeal was that time! Funny how that sort of thing can change so drastically.


Samantha said...

Wow, you go girl!

Anonymous said...

Safe trip (not to any of the many major troublespots of the moment, I hope!). I know your fun will continue when you return, because May is when all the men come out of the woodwork...not that yours seem to have been closed up.


Change Relationship said...

Wow! have a safe trip and enjoy it. I enjoy reading your post! Thanks for sharing.

Alison Gang said...

Bon voyage LV. Don't worry, dating will still be here when you get back. :-)