Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today's forecast.

This morning in NYC, we had some seriously heavy sleet (I love waking up to that sound!). Even snow in some parts. Which made me think of these most recent dates in weather-related terms:

The Professor:
He emailed me the day after our date saying he'd had fun -- he'd like to see me next time he's in NY, but didn't say when that would be. It's hard to say if there's potential, but I'd definitely see him again... he said he'd like to move back to NY at some point, so we'll see.

Forecast: foggy.

Austin Powers:
Sent a nice text just to say HI the other day. When he landed in a foreign country today (where he's spending the week for work), he dropped a line to say hello.

Forecast: sunny, I think.

I guess I preemptively wrote him off the other day, in the name of self-preservation. He texted me that night, and before I replied, he emailed the next day. There's been some nice banter. He asked if we were still on for this weekend -- an event he'd invited me to weeks ago.

Forecast: mostly sunny? Could be a warm front moving in.

Past from the past. Smooch and I had 3 dates in 3 months in late 2009 -- we kept in touch now and then, on friendly terms. I contacted him after Jon Hamm and I broke up, and it was nice to hear his familiar voice.

He joined me and a few of my friends on Saturday night, before he and I went off for a drink on our own. I like him as a fun smooching buddy, but really nothing more... I just don't feel it.

Forecast: save for a rainy day.

Beach Boy:
This guy I've been mildly crushing on, but I haven't been able to figure out if I like him, or the fact that he's rather forbidden fruit. (he runs the beach house where I'm spending some time this summer, and it would be just plain awkward if we hooked up, and things didn't work out).

This weekend, we went to visit a mutual friend and her family on Long Island for the day. Said friend asked me: WHY aren't you two dating? You'd be such a great couple!

I admitted that that could be fun, but wasn't sure it was such a great idea. The next day, via email, I suggested that she ask HIM that same question.

The answer came back: he likes me, but just as a friend.

So, that's that! And the fact that I'm perfectly fine with that answer must mean that I was more interested in the forbidden factor than I was in him.

Forecast: just clear. No thunder and lightning -- ie, no excitement -- there!

Overall, I'm feeling pretty sunny at the moment... but I have my umbrella at the ready, should I need it.


Samantha said...

Excellent post!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Been reading it for a couple of years and really relate/connect to much of what you're going through with regard to dating in NYC. You inspire me with your optimism. :) No doubt you'll find the right guy; one who is worthy of YOU!

mr nyc said...

Just found your blog. Very cool.

Loverville said...

Thanks, everyone! Always nice to get great feedback like this... thanks for reading!