Monday, May 30, 2011

WW and The Crush.

Weight Watchers update:
Been (mostly) religiously sticking to it for the past two weeks, and am pleased as (nonfat) punch to announce that I'm down 4.2 lbs! Yes! Started at 150.8, am now 146.6.

Short-term goal is to be below 140 by July 4th - a huge challenge, since I have a ten-day trip down south before then. Just have to keep the mindset going.

Boy updates:
Up to 191 dates now, with a few new ones over the past few weeks. Tell you what -- if any of them lead to a second date, I'll tell you about it at that time. For now, nothing really worth mentioning... except...

Daniel Craig: I was on a work trip last week, and after three days of working with some new people, I found myself crushing on this one guy -- he's a better-looking Daniel Craig. Smart, charming, sexy - but also seems very sweet and very humble. There was some mild flirting, but nothing happened.

But there's an issue, and it's a mighty big one: he typically travels across the globe for work, and when he's home (which is in Florida, harrumph), his time is occupied by his two young children.

So -- while there's really no relationship potential there, there MAY be a chance for a one-night fling (which I'd be 100% open to): even though he's been everywhere from Albania to Zimbabwe, he's never been to New York -- but he has a 12-hour overnight stopover here in two weeks. I've graciously offered to show him around. Can. Not. Wait.

While I'm working on losing this weight for myself first and foremost - this is very, very good incentive. It's been a month since I've had sex (that was with the disappearing Austin Powers), and I'm thinking about it wayyyy too much these days!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Copy and paste.

Every so often, I'll discover that a guy on Match or OK Cupid has written the EXACT same email to me and another friend. I'm just amused by the sheer laziness of this.

Let me know if you've gotten this one -- this guy has sent me this same message... twice. A week or so apart.

I was thinking there aren’t any cute girls on this site, I come across your profile! Care to drop me a line? ps well endowed here! Cheers, D

Well, nice to know in advance that someone is well-endowed. Anyway -- no response from me -- he lives too far away, somewhere in NJ. Delete.

Weight Watchers update: I went to a meeting a few days ago, and weighed in at 150.8. Ouch. For most of my thirties I was about 140, and even then, I felt a bit chubby. For the past few days, I've been doing mostly well on program -- I made the mistake of eating a whole bag of Jelly Bellys at the movies last night -- but I'm writing everything down, and overall eating less / healthier than I'd been recently.

Weigh-in day is Thursday -- will keep you posted! I'm committed to this. I HAVE to do this.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's not you, it's me.

It IS me in the sense that I'm (still) at my highest weight ever, and surely that's effecting my self-esteem. Hard to say if my dates sense this -- there was a new guy last week (#186) who wanted a second date (I didn't). Had another first date tonight (#187), where the mutual lack of interest was pretty clear.

Sidenote: to tonight's date -- when the bartender says, "that's $18" -- and you pull out a $10, and wait for me to pay the rest...?? Tacky.

* Austin Powers. We went out twice more after I last wrote. During the last date, ie, number 7 or 8, it came up that the next date would be tough to plan due to both of our work schedules. I emailed him about five days later. He emailed back the next morning, saying he was about to get on a plane to the Caribbean for the weekend (!!!), but would touch base when he was back in town.

Really...? A last-minute jaunt to the Caribbean sounds like a romantic tryst to me, doncha think? Needless to say, I never heard from him again. Granted, it didn't seem like we were potentially on a romantic track -- but to go out with someone 7 or so times, and just play the disappearing game? Asshole. Good riddance.

* Teen Crush, who I dated over 3 years ago (more info in last blog post) -- and still carry a torch for -- may be in NY as soon as two weeks from now.

I'm going back to Weight Watchers tomorrow. Certainly not for him, but right now, I'll take whatever incentive I can find.

A few times in the past, I've announced a "lose 10 lbs in 10 weeks" plan here -- and announcing it like that seems to work. So I'm announcing it again. It starts NOW.

Anyone else need to drop a few pounds, and want to join the challenge?