Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's not you, it's me.

It IS me in the sense that I'm (still) at my highest weight ever, and surely that's effecting my self-esteem. Hard to say if my dates sense this -- there was a new guy last week (#186) who wanted a second date (I didn't). Had another first date tonight (#187), where the mutual lack of interest was pretty clear.

Sidenote: to tonight's date -- when the bartender says, "that's $18" -- and you pull out a $10, and wait for me to pay the rest...?? Tacky.

* Austin Powers. We went out twice more after I last wrote. During the last date, ie, number 7 or 8, it came up that the next date would be tough to plan due to both of our work schedules. I emailed him about five days later. He emailed back the next morning, saying he was about to get on a plane to the Caribbean for the weekend (!!!), but would touch base when he was back in town.

Really...? A last-minute jaunt to the Caribbean sounds like a romantic tryst to me, doncha think? Needless to say, I never heard from him again. Granted, it didn't seem like we were potentially on a romantic track -- but to go out with someone 7 or so times, and just play the disappearing game? Asshole. Good riddance.

* Teen Crush, who I dated over 3 years ago (more info in last blog post) -- and still carry a torch for -- may be in NY as soon as two weeks from now.

I'm going back to Weight Watchers tomorrow. Certainly not for him, but right now, I'll take whatever incentive I can find.

A few times in the past, I've announced a "lose 10 lbs in 10 weeks" plan here -- and announcing it like that seems to work. So I'm announcing it again. It starts NOW.

Anyone else need to drop a few pounds, and want to join the challenge?


Anonymous said...

L'ville, I'm with you on the weight loss. Trying to lose while hypothyroid (my case) is a pain, but I may have found the amount of food that helps me lose: 2 tiny meals a day. Good luck to you, but do remember this: most men can't tell much about a woman's weight on a first and second date (depending, of course...). Just look at pics of yrself and see how beautiful you are....and don't think about the poundage while you're on the date. And it's perfect weather for outdoors exercising now....

Pretty Young Thing said...

First of all Austin Powers...what a dick!!! Seriously, going out with someone for nearly 2mths (assuming dates were on a 1 per week-ish basis) and pulling that immature move is ridiculous. Screw him and I wish only terrible dates for people like that.

Moving on...a visit from a love from the past...too juicy and I want to ehar all about this!!

And if his arrival is an inspiration to get yourself summer sexy so be it! Who cares where it comes from, inspiration can be found anywhere. I'm in the final stretch of a biggest loser competition with a group of friends and I've been sucking big time!!! I've lost but not much to write home about...doubt I'll win this one. I'm totally down for joining you in losing 10lbs. My bikini's will probably want to run from my tush right now!

Game on girl!!

Larissa said...

Disappearing act is always a douchy thing to do. Boo. Not worth the time anyway. And seriously, a guy pulled out a $10? wow.

I also take motivation wherever it comes, and hey, that's okay. Good luck with the challenge!

Anonymous said...

Hi L'ville, I wrote a fascinating comment here that was deleted, along w. yr other comments, by the blogger system. What a shocking world we live in. ----- Anyway, just wanted to say that I'm with you on the diet. As a hypothryoid person, I have to eat 2 tiny meals a day in order to lose weight: non-fat yogurt w. berries for lunch, 4 oz poached salmon & broc for dinner. No sugar, no carbs. It's working....but how long can I keep it up? We'll see........... Good luck to you with yr diet.
xx Mimi

Loverville said...

Thanks Larissa!

And Mimi -- annoying, I know! Actually, yesterday, the whole post had disappeared... but then it came back, without the comments. Bummer!

Could there be a chance that you're eating too *little*? As you probably know, when you don't eat enough, your body goes into starvation mode, and your metabolism drops. Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

I knew you had slept with both of these guys too quickly (French boy and Austin Powers). I called that one.

Loverville said...

Meh, whatever. They would have disappeared regardless.

AND -- the sex wasn't all that great with Austin Powers, so the way I think of it... he did me a favor. Onward!