Monday, May 30, 2011

WW and The Crush.

Weight Watchers update:
Been (mostly) religiously sticking to it for the past two weeks, and am pleased as (nonfat) punch to announce that I'm down 4.2 lbs! Yes! Started at 150.8, am now 146.6.

Short-term goal is to be below 140 by July 4th - a huge challenge, since I have a ten-day trip down south before then. Just have to keep the mindset going.

Boy updates:
Up to 191 dates now, with a few new ones over the past few weeks. Tell you what -- if any of them lead to a second date, I'll tell you about it at that time. For now, nothing really worth mentioning... except...

Daniel Craig: I was on a work trip last week, and after three days of working with some new people, I found myself crushing on this one guy -- he's a better-looking Daniel Craig. Smart, charming, sexy - but also seems very sweet and very humble. There was some mild flirting, but nothing happened.

But there's an issue, and it's a mighty big one: he typically travels across the globe for work, and when he's home (which is in Florida, harrumph), his time is occupied by his two young children.

So -- while there's really no relationship potential there, there MAY be a chance for a one-night fling (which I'd be 100% open to): even though he's been everywhere from Albania to Zimbabwe, he's never been to New York -- but he has a 12-hour overnight stopover here in two weeks. I've graciously offered to show him around. Can. Not. Wait.

While I'm working on losing this weight for myself first and foremost - this is very, very good incentive. It's been a month since I've had sex (that was with the disappearing Austin Powers), and I'm thinking about it wayyyy too much these days!


Nathan said...

191 dates - you're still counting? Ugh. I probably have been on that many or more myself over the past 3-4 years, but I stopped counting a long time ago.

DV in the 51st State said...

howdy! commented on 'Trip...Delayed' - what's up with no RSS feeds? Am I the only Luddite that still uses them? Still not on FB... dx