Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy summer!

Yowza -- so much can happen in a month!

(except Weight Watchers - I'm the same there, but that's better than gaining weight, which I would have expected after a 10-day trip Down South). Need to get back on that pony.

Where to begin? Maybe with:
* Cousin Oliver (thanks for the name, Brian!). Not my cousin, ew -- but my friend Shmutti's cousin, who was living in Hot Southern City, but was about to move home to the NW for the summer. Shmutti suggested we meet up. We did. It was hot -- very good for the soul.

* then there was Teen Crush. Or not. On that same Southern Trip, he seemed all excited to see me. We had dinner with my colleagues, where he was sweet and charming and flirty towards me. He and I got another drink after we peeled off from the others. And ... he drove me back to my hotel with a brusque "good night!", and a very clear friend-kiss on the cheek. All very confusing. Til the next day, in the sober light of day, I realized that it was better to get the friend-treatment, as opposed to kissing, THEN finding out he only thought of me as a pal. Whatever light switch I had for him in the ON position went firmly OFF.

* then there's The Brit. (date #193) A setup by a work friend. We have fun -- we've had three dates so far. In typical stoic British fashion, I'd have no idea that he was interested in me if it weren't for the passionate kisses we've had at the end of each date. I'm determined to move realllly slowly here -- partially because of...

* Dorian Gray. (date #194) He's ten years my senior, but looks my age (without visible Botox). One date down so far, another planned for tomorrow. Just feels like a great connection there, but I keep reminding myself -- how much can you know after just one date? There's been daily emails (which I forced myself to slow down) – and I feel like that has given me more of a hint of who he is. Of course, I could be wrong. Anyway, I'm just looking forward to seeing him again.

I find myself worrying about liking two guys (who both seem to like me)... til I step outside myself and remind myself: these things tend to take care of themselves. It’s pretty unlikely that I’ll be deeply involved with both of them in six month’s time, so why stress out about it now?

I’m officially in summer vacation mode – I have some time off work, and am going to spend some of that time at a nearby beach – enjoy this gorgeous weather, ya’ll!


Waitress from Mensa said...

Any update on peripatetic Daniel Craig?

Loverville said...

Wow -- can't believe I forgot to update him! So -- the night he as supposed to have a layover in NY, his flight was delayed about 4 hours, and there just wasn't enough time for him to come into the city to visit me!

Huge bummer at the time, but as you can see, I'm OK with it now.

Thanks for asking!