Monday, August 29, 2011

Goodbye Dorian, hello Storm.

Wow, I can't believe I haven't written in over a month! Bad, lazy Loverville.

Part of the delay is because I was on the fence about Dorian, and it just didn't feel right to put it "out there" until I had sorted it out. Long story short -- I ended it with him, just short of two months after our first date.

I ended it for a number of reasons -- simply put, I wasn't feeling the kind of chemistry one *should* feel for someone in the early days of dating. I felt that I was dating him just for the sake of having that companionship with someone -- anyone. That really wasn't fair to him.

Since then, I've been out with two new guys -- both fun first dates. The second date with one of them was last night -- during the hurricane. For that reason, let's call him Storm. (date #195)

Storm and I went out earlier in the week -- a fun, easy date with some smooching towards the end. He texted me yesterday, checking on me in advance of Hurricane Irene, asking if I was evacuating. I wrote that I was staying local, and was planning a small dinner party with some friends - after contemplating it a bit, I thought -- why not invite him? So I did, and he accepted. (he's a ten-minute walk from me).

He came by, and brought an excellent wine -- nicely done. He hit it off with my friends. Most of my friends left on the early side to avoid the worst of the weather, except one -- we'd already made plans for her to spend the night since she lives in a Zone A evacuation zone. Storm stayed on the later side, and by then, the rain was coming down with a vengeance. Normally I wouldn't have a guy spend the night on a second date, but you know -- different rules apply in a hurricane.

Zone A friend crashed early -- I told her to take my bed. Storm and I later slept on my pull-out couch. Some smooching, not much more.

Zone A told me the next day that she felt terrible for "crashing" my date (she's overly polite) -- I thought it was actually a good thing that she was there -- it probably helped to put the brakes on any potential too-soon sexy activity with Storm, even though Zone was in another room, with the door closed.

In general, right now I'm not feeling especially motivated to date these days. I'm pretty busy with other social events. Maybe that's a good thing. I'm not exactly focused on meeting "the one". These days it's more about me -- I've been exercising a lot more lately, and have lost a few pounds. (yay!) If I meet someone amazing, that's great. If not? I still plan to have a good time along the way.