Thursday, November 24, 2011

Richie Rich, Don Corleone, and the Carioca

Once again - I've been lax in writing. One, I had a long, stressful work trip last week. Two, I just had nothing to write about. I was even going to write here the other day that I really had nothing going on in the man department.

Well -- some funny / interesting updates as of this week.

First -- some backtracking. I hinted the last time that there was a hot young Brazilian in the picture. And there was -- for a whole three dates. The Carioca was 29, and was really into me - he'd text me how psyched he was that we'd met, he thought I was fun, smart, beautiful, etc. I enjoyed the attention, but also took it with a grain of salt.

Good thing, because after the third date, he texted the next day that he'd had a great time, and I texted back -- then radio silence. Not a peep from him after that, even after I sent one last note a few days later.

Surprise, surprise, that a hot 20-something Brazilian (living in NY) would be flaky -- you don't say??!

Fast-forward to this week -- a date with a guy I'll call Richie Rich (#203). Seemed a bit nebbishy and socially awkward, but I was still willing to get a second drink and give him a shot. He mentioned that he'd been written up in the Times earlier this month - seems he recently came into some money. About five million dollars' worth. Er, thanks, but you can't buy my interest. After the second drink, I knew there wouldn't be a second date.

Don Corleone: (spitting image). There will not even BE a first date with this one, but I had to share this gem of an email from him:
Cancel whatever you were doing Friday night because your plans just got better.

You'll meet me in midtown - there is nothing more enjoyable than Manhattan this time of year. My friend So-And-So just opened BlahBlah restaurant (website) - a really sexy, upscale and intimate place. We'll meet there for a cocktail at 8:00. I'll get us a cozy table where we can sit close to each other, talk, look at each other, touch (a little - or a lot) and get to know one another.

We'll have a couple of drinks and then walk holding hands uptown to Herald Square and check out all the city has to offer this time of year with the holiday spirit. We'll window shop and then go into one of my favorite stores, Victoria Secret. There we can flirt with all of the sexy lingerie and if you play your cards right I may even buy you a little something :)

We'll end the date by me either escorting you to the subway or driving you home. Either way, we will part with the sexiest, hottest, most romantic kiss we've ever had on a first date, and we won't be able to wait to meet again :)

No. No, we won't. Creepy much?

After all this? An awesome first date last night -- #204. (clarification: NOT with Don Corleone!) Cute, smart, fun, open, good chemistry. Before we said goodnight, we had plans in place for this weekend. I'm smiling now, replaying this in my head. Very much looking forward to seeing him again.

But let's wait another date or two before I write any more about him. Managing expectations, and all that. Plus, I still need to come up with an appropriate blog name for him -- it's so much easier to name the bad dates than it is the good ones!


The Girl From Back Then said...

God that was creepy!! I don't blame you for not bothering with him, I wouldn't have! Presumptious much? Do some guys really think it is so easy as to write a bit of prose and you are automatically theirs?

Romantic Comedy Girl said...

Oh my... Don Corleone, how many times have you sent that message to women? And how many times has it worked? And what kind of woman are you trying to attract who would want that? UGh!

But yay for new guy. Can't wait to hear his name...

Miss X said...

The good dates make all the bad ones worthwhile...enjoy the new guy!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that email was so revolting that it should win a prize...for...revoltingness. I don't think I ever received one so sickening. -------- I love it!

xx Mimi

Loverville said...

Oh -- by the way -- he was suggesting that for Friday, tonight.

My plans for tonight are to hang at home in my sweats, get pizza, and catch up on "Gossip Girl". Which is all much, much more appealing than going out with that guy!

(oh -- and do laundry / clean my apartment -- still better)

Romantic Comedy Girl said...

Loverville, does wordpress have a widget that you can insert for people to sign up and get automatic delivery of your blogs to our inbox? This way I'd know when you post new entries.
xoxo RCG

Loverville said...

RCG -- I wish I knew! I'm a techy spaz, sorry!

Ferris said...

I bet Richie Rich had a nice apartment....