Monday, February 20, 2012

Big city, small world.

Over two years ago I dated this guy I blog-named Captain Awesome. We had a nice enough time -- 10 dates over a period of a month -- but it just didn't have the makings of a great romance, and things ended amicably.

The other night, my friend Q and I were comparing dating stories. She mentioned that she'd recently had four dates with some guy, but found him to be a bit whiny and negative -- for the sake of the story, she said his first name was "Captain".

I can't recall what made me ask his last name -- when I did, I was surprised to hear her say "Awesome". The very same Captain Awesome -- she met him on a dating site, as I did.

My first thought: wait! Didn't you meet him at my birthday party that year? Oh right -- she was out of the country and couldn't make it to the party.

Also, funnily enough -- I nearly brought him to one of her parties that year, but didn't in the end. Can't recall why -- could have been because she didn't have room for additional guests, or maybe simply because I felt that things were coming to an end, so I decided against it.

We wondered if we'd had any other dating overlap? So I dug through my notes...

... more on that next time!


Anonymous said...

Don't tell me, let me guess -- she dated your guy in the past.


Anonymous said...

Captain? Captain Awesome, you say?

Not surprising that you and would eventually overlap, LV—New York is big, but even so, sooner or later it was bound to happen! Very interesting to be able to compare notes on one particular guy. I'm used to that in the context of speed-dating (three times now I've been wingman to friends who needed a little moral support to give it a try, and each time we've had remarkably similar reactions to the guys we've met). But in dating, never. So it's fascinating to have this opportunity. Overall, it sounds like you found him much less sexy but also much less irritating than I did. And it seems like he was more open with, and more genuinely excited about, you than he was with me. In other words, while we do each have a basic personality, we also mesh a little bit differently with everyone we meet! Of course, that sounds obvious, but it doesn't always feel obvious, does it?


Loverville said...

Q, so true!

In a way, it's like visiting a restaurant together (or seeing a play, etc) and having a very different experience. Or not.

PT -- nope! Sam has only been living in NY for a few months, so the chances of him having dated my friends are slim (but not impossible, of course... I just don't know of any yet!).