Saturday, February 18, 2012

A first!

Things continue to go really well with Sam -- it's pretty safe to say that I'm a smitten kitten.

This week:
* I met a few of his friends at a house party -- I liked them, and got the impression that they liked me as well.

* we spent Valentine's Day together. Neither of us are into the cheesy, commercial side of this Hallmark holiday, but still thought it would be nice to just do *something* together. So we cooked dinner together. While the pasta sauce simmered, we had amazing sex, then had a fantastic dinner in our underwear. Possibly my most fun Valentine's day ever.

AND -- this is big. This is a first -- something I've never, ever done with another guy before...

I told him about the blog.

We've already been very, very open about our past dating history, including relationships, flings, marriages (we've both been married -- mine lasted about five minutes, his lasted about ten years).

Over dinner last night, we were talking about some of his dating adventures while he lived in Europe, and he mentioned that he considered publishing them somewhere -- maybe in a blog.

I started to talk about getting people to read your blog, commenting / linking to others -- and simply said: well, I know about this because I have one of my own -- a dating blog that I've been keeping for years (actually, next week will be five years -- wow!).

He was intrigued -- he wanted to know if it was completely anonymous -- yes. He wanted to know if I'd written about him -- of course. I even told him that his blog name was Sam, for Simply Awesome Man. He got a kick out of that.

He said he'd love to read it some day, but only when I felt ready. I said I'd keep him posted. He said he'd resist the temptation to Google any search terms to find it. (although! A friend pointed out that when you Google "Sam" with "simply awesome man", it's the very first link! Eh, I'm not worried).

Today, I reread a bunch of recent entries with him in mind, trying to assess if there was anything I'd be nervous about him reading. And I couldn't find anything. I've actually told him a lot of these stories (eg, the Euro fling back in October) - we've acknowledged that naturally, we've both had lives before meeting each other, and part of those lives involved dating.

So -- all still very, very good. Alas -- I'm going to miss him -- he's heading out of town for a business trip for a week, but we're already planning to come up with something "debaucherous and fun" (his words) for next weekend. After that, I'm heading out of town for 12 days, but let's not think about that just yet...

Next time: how I discovered some dating overlap with a past guy with my good friend Q!


Dating Trooper said...

That's great news!!!! Probably felt good to get it over with. He sounds like a down to earth, sexy guy. There is hope!

Anonymous said...

You were married before? When and for how long?

Very good news. When will your readers get to read HIS blog????? That would be another big milestone.


Loverville said...

Thanks, DT! Actually, I wasn't even looking to "get it over with", in terms of telling him -- it kind of just happened naturally!

PT: I was married in my mid-20s for a very short period of time, less than a year. Absolutely a marriage that shouldn't have happened, but man, was it ever a learning experience!

I do hope he starts a blog! We'll see!