Saturday, February 11, 2012


Thanks for all your suggestions on the New Guy's blog name! I'm going to go with a variation on Bella's suggestion and go with "Sam": Simply Awesome Man.

Things continue to go really well with Sam -- actually, we've had a few minor milestones of late:

One: I saw that he had taken his dating profile down, so I took mine down as well.

Two: I brought him to a friend's birthday party - my first time introducing him to any friends. We didn't stay at the party very long, as I was getting over a cold -- but he definitely held his own.

Three: We established that we're not dating anyone else. I had the feeling this was already the case, but it was nice to have it confirmed. It came up semi-organically: he had mentioned someone he was dating last year who was about ten years younger -- it came up that she wanted children, and he didn't (he already has kids), so the woman said she was going to start dating other people. (they stopped seeing each other soon after) (*note: this actually came up early on, maybe date two, that he doesn't want any more kids, and I don't want kids, period -- so we already knew where the other stood)

I said to him, "well -- since you've brought it up -- speaking of dating other people -- are you?". He said he hadn't been with anyone else since we met. It wasn't exactly a grand declaration of his feelings for me, but at this early time (11 dates in), I'm happy with it. He mentioned that he had actually taken his profile down -- I smiled and said that I had seen that, and took mine down as well. We had a lovely, close hug.

I recently re-read past posts of guys I'd dated the past few years - there's a recurring theme: any red flags I spotted early on were usually a factor in our breakup later on.

Truthfully -- I'm not feeling any red flags with Sam -- trust me, I've looked! One thing that might be a bit challenging: he's in the process of getting a new job, and it may involve some travel. Well - my job involves travel, so I'm really not one to complain about that.

As of now -- all is really good. As in, I'm-sitting-here-right-now-smiling-about-him good.


Dating Trooper said...

What a lovely, anxiety-free post. I think the ease with which this is happening is exactly the feeling everyone tells you you'll "know when it happens." Can't say I've ever really known it, but I can sense it through you! Yay :-)

Anonymous said...

I think it's good that they broke up about the child-no child thing. That's a rift that is irreconcilable, so it's best for everyone to move on.
In this case, that circumstance has worked to your advantage. Lucky you!
Neither myself nor my (much younger) husband wants kids. That's a total non-issue for us.
Dating Trooper says "ease;" my word is "effortless."
Keep us posted!!!!


Lifebeginsat30ty said...

Yay! I have to say, as you know I've read this blog for quite some time. And you sound different here: excited and happy. All the other guys it just seemed like you kept didn't seem excited about them. This guy sounds different :)

Anonymous said...

Very glad to read this good news. May things continue to be so happy.
xxox Mimi

Anonymous said...

Excellent News!
I've also been reading your blog for a while, and he does sound promising, plus your relaxed feelings are a good omen!
I'd love to hear a bit more about him....