Sunday, April 8, 2012

My boyfriend, Sam.

I'm so behind in updating the blog that it almost feels silly to make a note of Sam being "upgraded" to boyfriend status. The terminology came up a few weeks ago, and now I simply take it for granted.

However, it was a lovely moment when the reference first came up: Sam and I were at a party, and we were chatting with this guy I knew in passing. I introduced him to Sam, and the guy asked, "So, are you the boyfriend?". Sam looked at me, and said, "well, I guess I am, right?". I smiled and said that, yes, it felt that way. I was also impressed, when asked by this same guy, that Sam knew that we'd been dating about three months at that point. (that one is rather easy - our first date was the week before Christmas)

Things continue to be really fun and easy. One challenge has been that we're both traveling a lot for work these days -- but finally, a perk there! Later this month, he's going to meet up with me in Italy during my work trip there. It'll only be for two days, and I may have to do some work during that time -- but hey, it's Italy. I'm sure we'll have a fabulous time, even if we have just one great meal and some hot Italian sex. (** by "Italian sex" I mean sex in Italy, not sex with Italians)

Another milestone: yesterday was his birthday. I thought about this for weeks -- what to do for a guy when a relationship is this new? I've gone overboard before, and didn't want to make that mistake again.

I found the perfect balance, and he left my place this morning seeming like a very happy man indeed: I first surprised him by taking him to the cocktail bar where we'd had our first date. Then to a kick-ass dinner in a restaurant where I knew the chef -- and the food wasn't too heavy. (didn't want to potentially have a situation where sexytime would be interrupted by mad dashes to the bathroom!). Then back to my place for more wine, and I gave him a few small presents: sexy dice, a gift certificate for a massage. Followed by (of course) some awesome sexytime.

This may be saying something: in the past, most of my really fun, mindblowing sex has been in fling situations, or "friends with benefits" deals. (see: Smiley) Unfortunately, when I'm in a relationship, my pattern has been that the sex has been, well, meh.

Until now. It continues to be amazing with Sam -- by far, the best relationship sex I've ever had. I haven't shared the blog with him yet, but I have a feeling he'd be pretty happy to read that. :)