Thursday, June 21, 2012

Still quite awesome.

It's been a busy few months.   I've been much busier than usual with work, and just haven't had the time to think about writing here.  

What can I say?   Things are just really, really awesome with Sam.   He's sexy... he's communicative... he's thoughtful.    We just passed the six-month mark -- a huge milestone, especially when it comes to NYC dating!

Other milestones:  we've now traveled to two other countries together -- he met me in Italy while I was there for work -- a quick, activity-filled 36 hour visit.   (he was coming from a work trip in London, so it was a relatively short flight for him to see me there)

And last weekend, we had more of a "real" first weekend away together - he was back in London for work for the week, and I flew over to spend a long weekend with him there.    He used to live there, and I really enjoyed letting him take the reins in terms of planning where we should eat and drink.

(as an aside -- oh my -- and drink we did!   Long story short:  jetlag + gin and tonics + rose + Aperol spritzers + champagne + espresso martinis = one bad, messy combination.  Yes -- all that in one night.   Oh -- and cigarettes.   Neither of us are smokers, but on Friday night, it seemed like a good idea.    Epic hangover the next day.)  

It's kind of crazy -- I feel, in a strange physical way, how we're getting emotionally closer.   And I don't mean in a sexual sense (though that's still fabulous).    I guess what I'm trying to say is...  I've been feeling the "L" word dance around my head.    I'm not ready to say it yet -- and anyway, would prefer for him to put it out there first.    But -- so unlike me! -- I'm not stressed about it at all.   I feel pretty confident that it's imminent -- I just feel that we have a really good thing going here, and it's just going to continue getting better.

That's all.   I'm giddy and happy and find that I miss him when I'm not with him.  

Is it silly that I feel a bit guilty talking about him to my single friends who are having a tough time with the dating scene?   More on that next time...