Friday, November 23, 2012

Bumps and Thanksgiving.

This rough patch that Sam and I have been going through hasn't been easy -- but in a crazy way, it seems to have brought us even closer together.    I know there's some wise adage out there about adversity making you stronger, yadda yadda -- yes, that.    

To sum up:  we're still going strong, and I remain optimistic about "us".    I really think we're going to be fine -- better than fine, actually.    Despite the bumps, this is still probably my happiest, strongest (and sexiest) relationship ever.  

We hit another milestone!   He spent Thanksgiving with my family yesterday (he had met my mom, stepfather and one sister in the past, but not the rest of the family) -- we had a blast.   Funny... he sometimes teases me for being a bit loud -- til he discovered that I'm nearly mute compared to the rest of my family!   

We just hit the 11-month mark, and are planning a fun NYC stay-cation to mark our year anniversary next month.    Now taking suggestions for fabulous, fun NYC activities!   (no Rockefeller Christmas tree though, or anything like that -- this time of year, I'll do whatever it takes to avoid crowds and tourists).    Thanks!   


Dating Trooper said...

Glad to hear this!! And now I want to meet your whole family :-)

bella said...

I think one of the funnest, uniquest things to do in the city is to go to a Sunday night improv show at Upright Citizens Brigade. There is nothing funnier, and for only $10 a ticket. My (now) husband and I went to a show on our second date, and it was such a great time. Get burritos and beer after.

Mike said...

Congrats on nearing your 1st year anniversary!