Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring fling.

I mentioned a guy last time -- #214 -- and wrote that he seemed promising.    Update: we had a second date, and he just didn't seem as warm and friendly as he did the first time -- put simply, he just didn't seem like he was having a good time with me.    Not surprising, I never heard from him after that.   I was slightly disappointed, but meh... onward!  

There have been a few other dates -- some high / low lights:  
* there was the date that was my "second shift" plan for the evening, after a big dinner with nine friends.    I drank wayyyy too much at that dinner -- not only was I a bit drunk for my 10 pm date, but I had lost my voice.   Not the best first impression!    (however, I was sober enough to realize that I wasn't into the guy anyway)   Still, good lesson to learn -- don't overschedule.   
* a date with Smooch - in the past, we'd had a few casual dates between 2009 and 2011.   No great romance there, but he's a fun time.    
* a date with the Young Brazilian (a second date is planned for this weekend).   He's seven years my junior.   A few days after our first date, I literally ran past him on the street while I was out with my running club.   We each did a double-take, and said a quick "hi", and I had to keep going.   So -- now he's seen me without makeup.   I'm hoping I was running too quickly for him to really notice!    

Still feeling very non-committal at the moment.   Keeping things light and fun.  Spring is in the air, and I'm getting very, very excited for cute summer dresses and strappy sandals.  

My main focus for the moment is my VERY FIRST half-marathon coming up -- just two weeks away!    Hope I don't lose any toenails before then!   


Ruby said...

I'm continually impressed by how active your dating life is … You're going to be my inspiration as I get back into the game. ;)

Anonymous said...

i think it is gross

Anonymous said...

At least you're getting out there and actually going to dates! To everyone else who’s experiencing frustration in the dating world, here’s a fun blog to read. It’s about a guy and all the “dating games” he’s experienced with dating women:

While he’s detailing the games women have been playing, I’m sure it’s true of both sexes.

But in the end it reminds me (and should everyone else) of some common sense manners and etiquette when goes a long way in today's society.

Anonymous said...

We miss you! Hope you are well and happy!!!!!!

Fran said...

Good luck on future dates!

Beauty is only skin deep and if the young Brazilian really liked you then he would know that at some point he would see you without makeup.

I mean who spends 24 hours a day with make up on?

Kate Bailey said...

Goodluck on your future dates and hopefully you'll find the right guy.

婷婷 said...